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Sensitive Skin

The above is not in fact a skin type, but more so skin condition. The causes can be far and wide, so it is important to start slowly and simply and not to expect magic overnight as the key objective is to bring the state of the skin back to equilibrium before any other skin concerns or issues are addressed. If you do not bring the skin back to its natural state, the risk of further issues arising are great and possible permanency eg hyper pigmentation due to increased and prolonged inflammation.

It is important to bring the inflammation down as soon as possible and to replenish the skin of its natural oils and stop further moisture loss at the surface (epidermis). TDC range is created with the highest quality and amounts of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients across the complete range. We know that nearly all skin issues start from or as a by-product of inflammation which then affects the amount of free radical (destruction of healthy living cells) activity within the skin.

We recommend keeping it simple until there are no signs of redness or irritation and the moisture and oil quantities have visibly started to self-regulate and or repair at the surface level.