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Pigmentation & Hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation is one of the leading skin concerns globally today. It does not discriminate but in more severe cases is more commonly seen in darker skin tones. There are many forms of pigmentation with varying causes. By far the most common leading cause of excess pigmentation is from sun exposure followed closely by inflammation. Both causes create excess melanin to be produced within the skin cells. Other causes and conditions of pigmentation are as follows

  • Medication e.g. oral contraception
  • Trauma eg injury to the skin that creates a wound and or scar, acne
  • Pregnancy
  • Long term inflammation eg eczema
  • Drugs that increase your sensitivity to UV rays

In our experience having treated varying skin types and conditions for several decades it is our understanding that at this stage most forms of hyperpigmentation are somewhat permanent but can be visibly decreased and controlled by use of medical grade treatments and high doses of quality cosmeceutical grade ingredients/products.