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Barrier Protection / SPF

The Mineral Spf that does it all!

As you’d know our product names are super self-explanatory e.g. Vitamin A, we didn’t want wanky names that mean nothing to no one even if it makes them more marketable. Our Barrier Protects are the exception. Our BPs for short are so much more than just SPF’s and we didn’t want them perceived as such.

First and foremost, they are physical broad-spectrum SPFs that come in a tinted or non-tinted version, with the tinted version I’d say many if not all our customers have swapped their everyday foundation for and not to mention it is our top-sold product which sells out on the regular. They contain moisturising factors and for some especially acneic skins can substitute for your daily moisturiser. More than that though they are a skin-protecting, skin-repairing powerhouse.

Our BPs are Loaded with our signature anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants for skin health to boot whilst also protecting from external aggressors caused by the sun from not only a physical aspect but also internally by constantly keeping some of our immune fighting cells on high alert where they would typically clock off and retreat deeper into the skin with exposure to UV. There is so much more we can say but trust us when we say you need our BP2!