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There’s an absolute undeniable inner and outer beauty that comes with ageing, that being said there are few women or men alive that would not want to look and feel fresher and a few years younger if they could. Unfortunately for some genetics play a huge role in the ageing process and for these skin types prevention at a younger age is a must via the means and forms of sun protection. The most common and obvious signs of ageing occur in your 40s and 50s however as stated previously can and do begin as early as 30s. The most common cause is a loss of collagen and elastin within the skins structure, but other key contributors are the slowing down of oil production, loss of some fat cells and thinning epidermis (outermost layer of skin). We are living in unprecedented times where the correlation of internal health and external health applications are now combined and are at the forefront of epigenetics (epigenetics is the study of how your behaviours and environments can cause changes that affect the way your genes work). On top of this consumer awareness and knowledge of cosmetic ingredients and their ability to create change as well as being safe is on the rise which is setting the bar and flushing out the misleading and harmful variants we are amassed with today.

Ageing is a part of life and should celebrated in all ways. With early intervention both topically and internally we have never had access to prolonged youth and vitality as we do today. The earlier you start the better your shot at looking and feeling amazing well into your 60s and beyond.