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Rosacea is a chronic but common skin condition that can affect anyone but mostly affects middle aged women with fair skin. Rosacea can appear on the skin as redness similar to that of sunburn. Rosacea is complex in its signs and symptoms and can be accompanied with very dry rough skin or oily skin which too can still show signs of dry and rough skin. As the condition increases and dependent on the type of rosacea present, visible enlarged vessels appear on the surface of the skin and can be accompanied by white pustules and swollen red bumps. These are primarily located in what is referred to as a butterfly pattern on the cheeks, chin and forehead. Extreme cases of rosacea can cause the skin to swell, thicken and create scar tissue or in the most extreme of cases a condition referred to as rhinophyma aka strawberry nose which primarily effects men

There are four known types of rosacea however more than one type can be experienced at any given time. There is no known cure as yet, but the physical symptoms can be significantly reduced and somewhat controlled by high grade cosmeceutical skincare products and medical grade treatments as well as wholesome diet and lifestyle choices.